Developing websites for individuals with disabilities not only assures organizations are compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), but it is also the right thing to do. Third Principle develops ADA compliant sites that provide perceivable and operable solutions to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. Developing ADA compliant websites include:

  • Text alternatives for non-text content.

  • Create content that can be presented in multiple ways, including by assistive technologies.] 

  • Ensure text is readable and understandable.

  • Make functionality available through keyboard navigation.

  • Help users find content and navigate the site.

  • Make sure content does not cause seizures

We have developed sites that support the blind and visually impaired, charter schools and government agencies and we can do the same for your organization. 

Key Components

Alt Text

Content Structure

Color & Contrast

Captions and Transcripts for Videos

Accessible Forms

Our Approach

When creating American Disability Act (ADA) websites we consider the goals and objectives of the site for the client. We ensure the site connects the message, details the product and programs and ultimately drives conversions. Next, we seek out creative and engaging site experiences that align with the unique aspects of the brand and the organization's value proposition. Last, we ensure all design and site experience adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). This includes color choices for contrast, alternative text for non-text content, multiple options for content and ensuring the site is accessible by assistive technologies. 

ADA Websites

We worked with STRIVE Prep to create a site that was ADA Compliant, engaging and offered a welcoming design. STRIVE Prep wanted a site that was more for the parents and students of the schools, giving them a platform to stay connected and updated. Their site meets ADA compliant standards, and also has an easy switch between an English and Spanish navigation menu. We were able to achieve this seamless design and compliance by using a few of our favorite tools. 

Colorado Charter School Institute is a huge resource to both parents of students, and schools seeking to be authorized, so making sure it was ADA Compliant was the main priority for them. We worked alongside the CSI team to make sure we designed a site that was functional and well designed, all while making sure it met the standards of ADA Compliance. We achieved this by using some of our favorite tools. 

Tools We Like

When creating ADA compliant websites, Third Principle utilizes two tried and trusted tools to evaluate site functionality and enhance the site experience. The wave web accessibility evaluation tool provides great insights on potential ADA site issues, information on alt tags and overall performance. Wave web accessibility evaluation tool should be on every site administrator's desktop to help optimize ADA compliance. 

Userway's plugin enhances any ADA compliant site to boost the key elements sites require color contrast, keyboard navigation, text sizing, big cursor, highlighting links and site readers. In our experience, it works flawlessly and took our ADA compliant sites to a greater level of usability for people with disabilities. 

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