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Client Spotlight | Rob & Maggie

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Social Venture Partner Denver provides avenues for people to become more engaged philanthropists. How you ask? By creating avenues to roll up your sleeves and leverage your best asset - your brain. SVP partners join the organization to learn about the most pressing issues facing our community, the inspiring nonprofits that are dedicated to addressing them and guiding consultative teams to help grow these organizations. It is a unique model, especially when you consider partners pay to participate. But, the model leverages the time and talents of the partners and the nonprofits to generate sizeable, measurable change. It is unique, but also highly rewarding, which is why partners typically remain in the organization for over four years.

Social Venture Partners Denver is one of forty+ affiliates globally (svp,org), all sharing the same passion to amplify the impact of those doing good. Denver has taken a unique, hands-on approach perfecting the consultative engagement model and is expanding its programs to marry the engagements with impact funding vehicles. SVP partners participate in an investment fund providing low-to-zero interest loans to local nonprofits. Consultative engagements, grant awards and investing - Social Venture Partners Denver is constantly developing new solutions to support nonprofits.

Social Venture Partners has undergone a strong period of growth under the leadership of Pat Landrum, who served as Executive Director for seven years. Her retirement opened the door to the next phase of leadership, and Rob Kellogg was eager to step forward. Rob came to Social Venture Partners with an open mind and willing attitude. With a diverse background across public and private sectors from New York to the coast of India, he is uniquely qualified to lead the next evolution of SVP Denver.

Rob has an ear for listening, for paying attention to detail, and an understanding of the importance of hearing what people have to say. When Rob first came to SVP, he knew that he had a lot to catch up on, and many individuals to become familiar with. He says “one of the things I think any leader should do when they come into an organization is to listen. I was trying to figure out how do we bridge to a future state, so we can have the kind of impact we want to have on the community.” Before the impact and connection could really begin, Rob spent the first two months meeting with all the partners and talked with leaders in the community. It became clear “the heartbeat of the whole organization is the pro bono consulting model, but I discovered there is space for other programs as well.” Since Rob has joined the team and took the lead, SVP has branched off into a couple new areas which are the Service Leadership Program and the Social Impacting Investor Group. Like any organization with heart and passion, it takes a team of dedicated people. That’s where Maggie comes into the picture. Much like Rob, Maggie had a desire to work on something with importance. She has been with SVP for two years now, and when asked what drew her to SVP she says “I used to be a partner, I don’t know if everybody knows that.” Her career has always been supporting people, whether students at DU or matching talent with emerging companies. “I moved throughout my career trying to find a balance of income, passion, and purposeful work, and ultimately found SVP.” Her role as program director has brought her at the center of the nonprofit community in Denver. “I’ve learned so much about non profit management, and quite frankly volunteer management along the way. I just love this community that we have.” Continually fueled through her desire to support people she states “Our partners are just incredible individuals and sitting down and getting to know each one of them is what keeps me going.” When listening to Maggie talk about the organization, you can genuinely hear how much heart she pours into her work and the lives she is impacting.

Third Principle has been fortunate to support SVP on numerous occasions. Recently, we worked alongside Maggie and Rob to launch a new website. The new site design allows SVP created a dedicate a space for visitors that is informative and inviting. The site utilizes the bright colors of the global brand and focuses on SVP’s unique value proposition to individuals, nonprofits and corporations, all while sharing the welcoming and open culture of the group.

Rob and Maggie may have different backgrounds, but they find common ground in the way that they dedicate their time and energy to their communities. Bringing different perspectives to the table, they help paint one big community-focused picture. We cannot wait to see the continued evolution of SVP and hear more stories of impact.

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