Jeff brings over 25 years of experience in growing nonprofits, strategic planning, building brands, and creating programs that move people to action. A skilled strategist and facilitator, Jeff loves working with teams to uncover their core values and drive organization clarity and direction. He is currently the Board Chair of Social Venture Partners Denver, helping individuals realize their potential as active and engaged philanthropists in the Denver Metro region. He received his Masters in Business Administration from Michigan State University and was a participant in the Denver Foundation's Asset Based Community Development training program, In addition, Jeff is mentoring start-up business owners through the MiCasa Business Breakthrough program.


Barbara’s focus over the past two+ decades has been on enhancing and facilitating the delivery of information via compelling, engaging graphic design and illustration. Fields of expertise include higher education, cultural organizations, and nonprofits. Whether through branding, marketing, editorial or environmental design, she strives to create rich, clear, intuitive visuals that inspire curiosity. Barb graduated from the University of the Arts with a BFA in illustration. Other interests include live theatre, set design, outdoor adventuring, naturalist studies, dogs, chameleons, music, horticulture, and travel.


Michael is one of those unique individuals who possess advanced coding skills across multiple languages and frameworks, and is able to effectively communicate with outsiders who don't speak "code". His builds with an open mind and toolbox full of ideas and his ability to uncover and address technical issues are unparalleled. 


Michael graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, with a degree in software design and development, minor in cybersecurity. Languages include: javascript, Python, Ruby, Java, C#, PHP, CSS, HTML, and R. Frameworks / Libraries include: Node JS, React JS, ReactNative, Redux, Google Firebase, Numpy, Scrapy, and D3. Michael placed second at HackPSU, first at the University of Scranton programming competition, second in Pennsylvania computer game and simulation programming and second place at the University of Bloomsburg Programming Competition. When not exploring the boundaries of technology, Michael can be found experiencing the Rockies Mountain Biking and Snowboarding.

Nonprofit consultants dedicated to creating positive, lasting change through the clients we serve. 

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